Import/edit Canon Legria on Mac iMovie11, iDVD smoothly

Canon Legria and iMovie'11 Compatibility problem:
1. "Just noticed that the Canon Legria HF20/HF200 (PAL) is now included in list of supported camcorders for iMovie 11. When the 50i content is previewed in iMovie, it shows the horizontal combing effect.When 25p content is displayed in iMovie, it appears to display properly."

2."i recently bought iMovie 11 knowing my canon legria hf20 is compatible with this new software. i tried importing all my *.mts files but iMovie 11 cannot recognize this file. iMovie can detect canon and the its sd card. But the problem is the *.mts file."
 These is two feedback from apple discussions apple

I would say it not the first AVCHD to iMovie'11 question here, from iMovie 08, iMovie 09, iMovie 11, we meet so many this kind problem, and the only difference is the camera model changed: from Canon Vixia to Canon Legria. Canon Legria is a excellent series of Canon again, take Legria HF G10 as example, Full HD AVCHD recording, 32GB of internal memory, Dual SDXC card slots, 8.8cm touch-screen LCD, Full manual control. This Canon's flagship consumer camcorder is not a pocket one, if you need some professional recording and not considering price so much, then it should be a best choice for you.

Following is the models with problem with iMovie'11, you can check whether your camcorder is the list(some modes not among the list also have importing problem for unknown reasons like old Mac version, iMovie 09/08)
Canon LEGRIA FS46E    Canon LEGRIA HF M300    Canon LEGRIA HF M306   
Canon LEGRIA HF M31 E    Canon LEGRIA HF M36    Canon LEGRIA HF M41   
Canon LEGRIA HF R106    Canon LEGRIA HF R16    Canon LEGRIA HF R17
Canon LEGRIA HF R18    Canon Legria HF R28 E    Canon LEGRIA HF S20   
Canon LEGRIA HF S200    Canon LEGRIA HF S21    Canon Legria HF S30   
 Canon Legria HFM32

Canon Legria to iMovie Converter for Mac is one of the best solution to help you so far. It works for you by convert Canon Legria AVCHD to iMovie supported MOV, Mp4 with best quality and quick speed. Then you can import the MOV or Mp4 format directly to iMovie'11, iMovie'09, iMovie'08 without any problem.

Tutorial of converting Canon Legria AVCHD to iMovie'11, iDVD(Lion included):

Step One: Import AVCHD Video to Converter
Firstly, you need to copy your Legria AVCHD to Mac and launch AVCHD Converter for Mac, then click "Add File" to upload your AVCHD files to the program. Any AVCHD files from AVCHD camcorders are supported.
add avchd
Step Two: Set Output Video Format for iMovie.
Go to iMovie-> MOV
Or HD Video-> HD MOV
imovie mov
Look its resolution in setting option:
imovie 1080p export
Step Three: Convert Canon Legria AVCHD to iMovie11/09/08.
Click "Start" button to convert AVCHD files to iMovie11/09/08.

For how to export 1080p Mp4 from iMovie11/09, please go to  export 1080p Mp4 from iMovie on Lion.

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